We appreciate the people who are giving moments of their time to take part in all of our campaign projects! We are definitely taking notice of the fans who speak out about Greg's contract not being renewed. We appreciate the fans who refuse to sit silently even though things are not guaranteed to go our way! You're fighting for someone we all love, support and admire and to that we say THANK YOU!

Thanks to everyone who signed our petition, made phone calls, sent emails and took part in our Thunderclap campaign!

We want to give some personal shoutouts to a few great folks who are going above and beyond and showing great dedication to this campaign! 

Pamela D'Addetta: Thanks for all of our insight, advice and for being our soundboard!

Chris Baxter: Thanks for all of your great efforts and dedication! Absolutely appreciate everything you've done! 

Ruby Stowe: Thanks for your continuous dedication and support in everything this fan group has done! We can ALWAYS count on you! 

Ellen Stone: Thanks for all of your help, input and support! 

Doug Davidson: Thank you for your support towards us and Greg!

Christian Jules LeBlanc: Thank you for your support towards us and Greg! 

Soap Cities: Can't thank you enough for mentioning our campaign and for your support! 

She Knows: Thank you for mentioning our campaign! 

Soap Opera Intel: Thank you for mentioning our campaign and for all of your support! Can't thank you enough!

@stinkerbelle822: Thanks for continuously retweeting our campaign tweets! 

@DukeofVinings: Thanks for all of the retweets and helping to spread the word!