Keep Greg Rikaart On Y&R Campaign

Hello fellow Greg Rikaart and Y&R fans!

As you already know Greg's time on The Young and The Restless came to an end in July. After 14 years, the show has decided not to renew his contract! The news has hit us pretty hard, but we have been fighting this from the moment we saw Greg's confirmation on his Instagram account.

If you follow our Greg Rikaart Fans Twitter page and Facebook page you know that we created the hashtag #KeepGregOnYR as our official rally call. We have been so pleased to see so many fans starting to use the hashtag as a show of support. We can't thank you all enough for joining us in this effort!

UPDATE 8//4/17: While we don't have complete details yet, it looks like Greg is returning to YR! Soap media have posted a few stories about this, but no one knows if he's back permanently or for a short visit. We'll post links to the stories on our media page!

YR Insider tweeted this photo on Thursday, August 3rd:

What Can Fans Do? *Updated* Regardless of the fact that Greg is no longer on the show, we want to keep fighting for him. We want to continue making noise and letting TPTB know that fans want them to bring him back!

Two of our major projects have been completed, but we have ongoing actions below that you can continuously take part in! 



  1. TWEET: Anytime you tweet Greg (@gregrikaart) and/or the show make sure that you use #KeepGregOnYR and #YR hashtags! If you live tweet while watching the show, USE THE HASHTAGS! We want to continue letting everyone know that Greg has our support!
  2. EMAIL: Contact Leslie Moonves (Chairmain & CEO at CBS Corportation):! A. Keep your emails 3-5 sentences long.  B. Check your spelling!  C. Make sure you let Mr. Moonves know the importance of keeping Greg, a 14 year veteran cast member, on the show and carrying storylines. There are many storyline possibilities for Kevin & our guy is more than capable of making them work. Make sure Mr. Moonves knows that viewers want to see vets like Greg on the show and that these actors/characters are the reason you watch Y&R! D. Remember that you are representing Greg and his fan base, please keep your correspondences respectful! Do not attack other actors, characters or fan bases! Do not demand that any of the actors on Y&R be fired!
  3. CALL: Let your voice be heard! Call the CBS comment line at 212-975-3247 and the main CBS comment New York number at 212-975-4321. You can also call the CBS Radford Offices at 818-655-5000. Again, please keep your messages respectful and to the point.
  4. WRITE: Send letters or postcards letting TPTB know that we want Greg to STAY on Y&R! Send your correspondences to the following locations: ATTN: Mr. Leslie Moonves CBS Studio Center 4024 Radford Avenue Studio City, CA 91604. You can also write to him at: Mr. Leslie Moonves, Chairmain & CEO -CBS Corporation 7800 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036

*NOTE: Every action we take is vital! Tweeting the hashtag is important, calls, emails and letters/postcards is important! It is also VITAL that Leslie Moonves and CBS knows that Greg is a very important part of The Young and the Restless family and that we want them to BRING HIM BACK!

Again, it is very important to remember that we are representing Greg and we are to remain respectful at all times.

Thank you for your time & effort! We truly appreciate all of you! Let's keep our Greg on Y&R! 



8 thoughts on “Keep Greg Rikaart On Y&R Campaign

  1. Please don’t let greg go. He is a great actor and we love him. He is the young and restless just like victor Nikki and so on. We love him I’ve been watching over 50 years and when greg got on it I said he’s going to make the show. And he did. We love greg and we love you and r but if you take him off ratings are going to go down. I don’t want to see that happen. So please don’t let our guy greg go .

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  2. Please dont let Kevin(Greg Rikart) go! He come a long way since he first started the show! Loved him ever since and glad they finally let him change and Genoia City accepted him! He is fun to watch especially doing the Hallowen 101 taking the kids trick or treating. It was so sweet. So Greg if your the one that wants to leave the show for other projects I say go for it but if the company wants to leave I say Fight It! Please dont leave unless they using this for you to go find Chloe! She needs to be found!
    Thank You
    A Greg Rikkhart fan(Kevin)
    Sandy Garner

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    He is an amazing actor doing an amazing job portraying an amazing iconic character that we love. His comedic relief adds the necessary levity that rounds out this drama show! His seriousness captures and tugs at our hearts and we go through Kevin’s life moments WITH him!

    If this is about his wanting Kevin to come out as gay, Why the heck NOT?? Bring this soap into 2017 and show more diversity. This time and age requires it — and you will thusly gain more fanbase demographics, thus in kind, keeping your ratings high!

    We absolutely LOVE Kevin and need to see many more of his complexity layers develop and come to light!

    Thank you for this opportunity to speak directly with you, TPTB!

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